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Dark Awakenings


Over 300 pages of supernatural horror fiction and academic nonfiction exploring the boundary between religion, horror, and spirituality. Available at Amazon and other online booksellers, plus your local bookstore.

"Life is a horror for which there is neither remedy nor release in the seven metaphysical terror tales that make up the bulk of Cardin's provocative second collection (after Divinations of the Deep)....Cardin's tales are rich with references to Lovecraft, Nietzsche, and other writers whose work gives them unusual philosophic depth. This thinking-man's book of the macabre is capped by three essays, all of which speak eloquently to the supernatural themes of the stories." – Publishers Weekly

NEWS - Updated February 26, 2016

1) A Horror Encyclopedia

On the heels of the mummy and paranormal encyclopedias that I edited for ABC-CLIO comes a new project: Horror Literature through History: An Encyclopedia of the Stories That Speak to Our Deepest Fears. This is presently deep in the development stage, with a scheduled publication date of spring 2017. As with the previous two ABC-CLIO projects, I'm excited about the roster of contributors that I've been able to assemble. I'll say more about this project in the future. For the moment, I'll simply announce that the structure and basic conception of this particular encyclopedia will make it a unique and, I think, uniquely valuable reference work.

2) New Fiction Collection

My long-delayed third fiction collection, To Rouse Leviathan, is now back on track with Hippocampus Press. As previously announced, it will be an omnibus collection containing the complete fiction contents of my first two books, Divinations of the Deep and Dark Awakenings, plus a third section titled "Apocryphon" and consisting of previously uncollected stories.

3) New Interview

The forthcoming second issue of the weird fiction journal Xnoybis (delayed from fall 2015, now set to come out at some unspecified date) will contain a long interview with me by my friend Jon Padgett, the creator of Thomas Ligotti online and now a strikingly excellent author of supernatural horror fiction in his own right. The conversation runs pretty deep and includes information about what led to a near-total shutdown of my online presence through most of 2015.


"Cardin's tales are rich with references to Lovecraft, Nietzsche, and other writers whose work gives them unusual philosophic depth. [Dark Awakenings is a] thinking-man's book of the macabre." – Publishers Weekly

"Cardin ranks among the foremost authors of contemporary American horror." – Laird Barron, author of The Imago Sequence & Other Stories and The Croning

Divinations of the Deep"It’s a bold writer who, in this day and age, tries to make modern horror fiction out of theology, but Cardin pulls it off.” – Darrell Schweitzer, editor, critic, author of Living with the Dead

"Matt Cardin's horror stories are the real thing: works that are committed to exploring what is irremediably strange and terrible in human existence." – Thomas Ligotti, author of Teatro Grottesco and The Nightmare Factory

"Matt Cardin is the most underrated horror writer in America." – Tim Lebbon, author of Hush and 30 Days of Night (novelization)




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