Daemonyx: Curse of the Daimon is an album of original instrumental music composed, performed, recorded, and produced by Matt Cardin. In addition to his authorial work, Matt is a longtime pianist and keyboardist with classical training. This album is the fruit of more than thirty years of musicianship with pianos, keyboards, and multitrack recording equipment. With its instrumental melding of genres and themes — rock, metal, electronica, New Age, and orchestral motifs fused in an exploration of thought realms of horror, sadness, beauty, and spirituality — it crosses paths at multiple points with his work as an author of horror fiction and nonfiction.

The album can be purchased through various venues (CD Baby, iTunes, and more). The complete set of tracks can also be listened to here:

  1. The Gates of Deep Darkness
  2. Daimonica
  3. The Face of the Deep (1)
  4. Blood and Milk, movement 1
  5. Blood and Milk, movement 2
  6. Blood and Milk, movement 3
  7. Blood and Milk, movement 4
  8. The Dreamlands
  9. The Streets of Vastarien
  10. Road to Olduvai
  11. Dystopian Dreams
  12. My Own Death Poems
  13. The Face of the Deep (2)


“Like a soundtrack to a fever dream, the music of Daemonyx plumbs an ever-changing world of mystery, mood, and melodic apparitions. Listen with the lights out and your imagination on.”

— Brian Hodge

“Daemonyx’s compositions conjure up images of eerie strangeness and awesomely alien worlds that nothing can evoke better than music.

— Ramsey Campbell

“There are many haunting and beautiful compositions that complement or completely make horror films — you know the ones — as well as appeal to listeners who are sensitive to the mystery and dread of life. In its debut album ‘Curse of the Daimon,’ Daemonyx has offered us thirteen works of such quality.”

— Thomas Ligotti

“The overall ambience of the music reminds me a little of the electronica of Klaus Schulze. There’s a similar powerful evocation of vast and terrifying soundscapes. In the song ‘Daimonica,’ I very much like the way the haunting and oppressive music blends with the grim signal motif, ‘Is there someone inside you.’ In ‘The Gates of Deep Darkness,’ the ominous martial nature of the music provides a real chill, as of some impending apocalypse.”

– Mark Samuels

“Intricate, haunting and complex pieces of music, richly creative and inspiring.”

– Tim Lebbon